About Us

Inclusion is what drives us!


We're economists, recruiters, and immigration experts, but most of all, we believe everyone should be judged on the merits of their abilities. Our economy is the strongest in the world, not because we have the best infrastructure or education system but, because we have always embraced immigration. We help both international students and foreign professionals connect with employers who embrace this philosophy and hire the best job candidates regardless of their nationality, diversity 2.0.  We serve our community by helping the world’s best and brightest remain and contribute to our economy.


Provide F-1 international students and professionals dedicated job boards listing real-time job opportunities where employment sponsorship is pre-approved. Here are our core values that drive us:

      • Dazzle our customers. To delight customers with quality applicants is our primary goal; when you win we win. Everyone's entire experience to be simple and seamless. We want every user to recommend us enthusiastically to their friends ,family and colleagues.
      • Do it right. We promise not to assist companies who only hire foreign professionals as a means to lower their labor cost.  Much of the blame for immigration's negative press is because some companies have abused the H-1B program and we reserve the right not to work with those companies.
      • Take care of our applicants. We seek not good but great companies who support their employees.  Our companies do more than inviting all applicants to apply, they also support employees who require immigration support.
      • Take care of our people. We seek to develop and retain highly trained and purpose-driven professionals in all positions in our company by providing a safe, fun and rewarding work environment. We believe in a living wage, providing on-going training, health insurance and retirement benefits to our employees.
      • Never stop learning. We invest in training and research to keep our company at the forefront of the industry. We measure our results and incorporate feedback to continuously improve our operations.